Gustavo Ballvé on October 31st, 2009
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BBC aired a special on Warren Buffett on Monday, October 26th. The star-struck BBC reporter doesn’t manage great questions for Buffett, but the accompanying videos are better. Of special interest is the Don Graham interview: a man who has been around Buffett for decades – and he’s still awed by him. His description of how (and why) Berkshire is so different from the “average American business” is one of the best compliments Mr. Buffett could get.

By the way, it’s downright funny when you realize how many times Don Graham uses the expression “it’s hard to describe…” when trying to explain the differences between Warren and Berkshire to other managers and companies.

Bill Gates says that he was a software engineer when he first met Buffett, who in his mind was an “investor”. He was amazed when Buffett asked him business questions about IBM, HP, how was competition like, how did the companies price its products and so on… “Warren’s investing was just an outcome of having this incredible model about business and business values“, he says.

And the David “Sandy” Gottesman part is shorter and lighter but worth the while.

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