Gustavo Ballvé on December 25th, 2009
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In 2008, Michal Porter attended the World Knowledge Forum in South Korea and reaffirmed his “5 Competitive Forces” theory (video in the top right corner). We decided to put together a small collection of links to recent articles and videos regarding competition and corporate strategy as defined by Porter. As this blog will always remind readers, “take it with a grain of salt”! No matter how famous the expert, how “make-sense” his arguments, always check, search for contradictions and weaknesses and ultimately make up your own mind.

Merry Christmas!LINKS:

Mr. Porter reviewed his original 1979 article in a 2008 article called The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy.

Harvard interview with him right before the 2008 article. McKinsey Award video interview.

Skepticism pays: On Wikipedia, you can find a summary of the common criticisms regarding the 5 Forces theory. Nice starting point.

Useful YouTube links:

INSEAD Knowledge asks about the usefulness of long-term thinking in the midst of a severe downturn.

1-hour lecture on the competitiveness of a region and its urban areas (seems a bit off-topic, but is it really?)

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