Gustavo Ballvé on March 19th, 2010
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OK, funny things first: Buffett playing Axl Rose is awesome. Less impressive is him playing a hip-hop artist, but it’s alright (both videos embedded inside). Viral videos can be a smart marketing tool, and these work.

Back to seriousness: Business Week had a cover article by Alice “Snowball” Schroeder interviewing CEOs who have had Buffett in their boards, as advisor, friend, whatever. Interesting read. There was an entire book on the subject a few years ago, but it focused on Berkshire subsidiaries and frankly wasn’t all that great, although nowadays it does help to evaluate some potential successors.

By the way, the Business Week section included this article by Peter Buffett, Warren’s musician son, about how his father handled money with him. Nothing new, but always interesting.

The videos, as promised:

1) The Business Week video on Warren Buffett:

2) Buffett as Axl Rose (the ballad of customer service)

3) Buffett the hip-hop artist (from GEICO’s sales reps annual meeting, Buffett is on around 4:00)

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