Gustavo Ballvé on March 25th, 2010
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Quick tidbits inside from e-bit’s report about the state of the Brazilian e-commerce market in 2009 – Webshoppers, 21st edition (in portuguese and in PDF). We will discuss one company’s specific performance in regards to these numbers in our upcoming Q1 2010 report, but we wanted to highlight a few general data points in advance. The trick is not to read too much – or too little – into it.

Quick highlights from the executive summary:

– E-commerce grew 30% to R$ 10.6 Bi and average ticket of R$ 335 (up just 2.1%);

– 17.6mm people purchased something online in 2009, up 33%;

– Within that group, 77% did at least one purchase in the last 3 months of the survey;

– Quality logistics is the key for keeping delivery dates, which is a determining factor in customer satisfaction. (Easier said than done!)

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