Gustavo Ballvé on June 10th, 2010
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McKinsey Quarterly recently had a series on strategic decision making called “Seeing Through Biases in Strategic Decisions”, of which we highlight two articles and link to one by Harvard Business Review. Taken together, it’s great food for thought when you try to apply this line of thinking to strategic, investing and even marketing and advertising.

The first one is an interview with three executives with different backgrounds. The 3 points of view are worth reading, but especially the comment of Kleiner Perkin’s partner (smart investor and gives us one more tidbit about Intuit’s culture, which we find more interesting by the day).

This other one on “taking the bias out of meetings” is also helpful (cites the previous one, a bit shallow in comparison with its straightforward/ “do’s and don’ts” style, but still worth 3 minutes as stimulus).

Finally, this one called “My Eureka Moment With Strategy” can be read from both the strategy and the investment decision making standpoints. It reminds us of one of the key tenets of great advertising, which is “protect the big ideas”. People’s experiences/shortcuts and the limited attention span/ information overload sometimes makes them prone to kill an idea by relying on prejudices/prejudgements.

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