Gustavo Ballvé on June 14th, 2010
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Gadgets that are increasingly online all the time help you multitask – but is that good? Scientists say a loud “no”, according to this New York Times article. As you’ll see inside this post, there’s reason to be skeptical of either side of this debate, but it does recall one thing to mind: One of Waren Buffett’s overlooked skills is that of saying no to things that would disrupt his schedule, or take time away from quiet reading and “just thinking”, as he says. Sound advice.

The same NYT edition also had this article that makes shallower claims but it’s in the same vein as the one above, and there’s already a reply by Steven Pinker with interesting remarks. Steven points to yet another article, and this was something we thought about posting a stand-alone story about: “We have met the enemy and it is Powerpoint“. Taken together, this is an interesting “linguistic/ communications” debate that we pay attention to because the efficiency of communication is a very important aspect of our business – how we communicate internally, with our clients, our current and potential investors and with our service providers. Spreading the right information at the right time to the people who can make use of it while allowing for some measure of serendipity is something we’ve been working on since our foundation.

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