Gustavo Ballvé on July 2nd, 2010
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Strategy & Business published a review for The Curse of The Mogul, which we’ve read recently. It’s a must-read for several reasons: media, capital allocation, competitive strategy and leadership. Not that we agree with Greenwald 100% – especially when he talks about telephone/cable as dumb-pipe winners vs. the lackluster future for content generators and aggregators (there is stuff/players missing there and you could think of some counter-examples). Chapter 2, on competitive strategy, is especially interesting.

That’s because it assesses the competitive strategy framework from a specific industry’s standpoint (always better than ‘generic speeches’) and it was useful for thinking about other industries as well.

The book was generated from the course Strategic Management of Media @ Columbia.

This article shares Mr. Greenwald’s view on media. We don’t necessarily agree with his view on the future of media, but it’s good food for thought and discussion.

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