Gustavo Ballvé on July 27th, 2010
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Let us begin with an “unrelated” comment: There’s a sentence about Tim O’Reilly that seems applicable to Seth Godin and other people who are masters of networking in the “adding value to the network” sense: “It looks like Tim is just telling disconnected alpha-geek anecdotes, in his customary, avuncular, visionary fashion. What Tim‘s really doing is throwing lit matches into his network. And boy is he the guru when it comes to doing that.” – an underrated skill.

Back to the video itself, embedded inside: thought-provoking presentation on (buzzword alert!) “information shadows”, “the sensor web”, cloud computing, data collection, processing and presentation/ visualization, local marketing + micropayments, P2P credit-card payments, social network risk evaluation… and how all this is coming together to create new products and services that feed on the cloud and/or organize it. It’s still impossible to tell just how practical this is and who will make money from this, but it’s nice food for thought.

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