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In a first of what we hope to be many article collections about investors we keep track of, this one is about Glenn Greenberg of Brave Warriors Capital. He’s better know as the co-founder of Chieftain Capital, but in the end of 2009 him and John Shapiro parted ways (Mr. Shapiro and two other partners left but retained the name Chieftain Capital). Being the first to be profiled in this series isn’t a matter of order of preference at all.


A recent Graham and Doddsville newsletter with Mr. Greenberg on the cover (A 2mb PDF file).

A very good 2006 lecture at Columbia University (just scroll down to his name). We still haven’t finished seeing the 2010 lecture – by the way this link has a great store of videos.

A summary of a 2005 talk at Wharton, with a brief profile.

A 2005 Fortune article about David Swensen with a revealing quip about Glenn Greenberg: “Years ago he was interested in a manager named Glenn Greenberg, a Yale grad, who typically owns only five or so companies in his $4 billion fund, Chieftain Capital. So Swensen and his team called the heads of the companies Chieftain owned–Burlington Resources and Freddie Mac among them–and asked, “Who’s your smartest institutional investor?” Unsolicited, each CEO mentioned Greenberg, recalls Swensen: “That’s when we decided to approach him.” Swensen has been one of Chieftain’s biggest investors for over a decade.”

A 2003 profile of Glenn Greenberg as a top sportsman (helps understand his drive). – A curious note: Glenn Greenberg is the eldest scion of legendary, hall-of-fame slugger Hank Greenberg!

A Motley Fool 2004 interview with Columbia’s Bruce Greenwald, in which he mentions Glenn Greenberg as “just about the value investor out there.” (…) “He’s got a phenomenal record.” (…) “He’s just a brilliant, sort of natural industry economist. And he’s just naturally good at judging these franchises, almost unconsciously so. And I think that’s the thing I would find most impressive. I think Seth (Klarman) has it. I think Glenn Greenberg has it. I think there’s some other value — and, Buffett, obviously also has it.”

– A whole chapter (ironically, chapter 11!) in Bruce Greenwald’s 2001 book, Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond.

An excerpt of a Barron’s 1992 interview – we can’t seem to find the entire piece, so thanks to the Noise Free Investing blog for the excerpt.

A 1989 article by Fortune magazine about potential “future Buffetts”… Impressively, the line-up chosen was “killer”: Tom Sweeney, Jim Chanos, Glenn Greenberg, a 32-year-old Seth Klarman and a 27-year-old Eddie Lampert. And others.

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