Gustavo Ballvé on August 13th, 2010
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The first one regards AB-InBev and the fact that it’s still hard for “foreigners” to fully grasp it. Yesterday’s LEX column on the company has flattering but less than enlightened comments and puts way too much weight on the P/E ratio. Here’s a quick way to find ABI-related posts on Buysiders.

The second one is about Netflix. A quick search on Buysiders will yield a lot of material on the company, and this story in the NY Times sheds some (more) light on the company. It’s about creative destruction stimulated by the company itself. It doesn’t guarantee Netflix will win as the technology shifts continually challenge its business model, but it gives the company a fighting chance. Again, such a shifting business model is probably not the best playground for investors, but Netflix is still worth tracking for all the other reasons.

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