Gustavo Ballvé on September 24th, 2010
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Well, this is unusual – Warren Buffett and Jay-Z (not a typo, the rapper) together in an interview about success (videos embedded inside). Then this September 13th video is a more conventional talk by Charlie Munger at the University of Michigan. It’s almost two hours long and nothing terribly new for those who read up about him, but always nice. The CNBC “host” focused a bit too much on economics and politics, but Mr. Munger still shines.

Before the videos, this is a very useful collection of Forbes articles on Warren Buffett over the years:

Forbes on Buffett

As promised, here are a bunch of videos of Jay-Z and Mr. B, ops, Warren Buffett. Buffett apparently really likes rap, judging by the GEICO commercial of a few years ago.

On success and giving:

On luck:

On building a personal moat:

On changing business models and how the music business changed Jay-Z’s life:

Buffett’s take on philanthropy:

On how Jay-Z almost lost his album:

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