Gustavo Ballvé on September 27th, 2010
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Updated on Sept. 28th: Financial Times columnist dissects “The realities behind the cult of Lula“. Short and concise analysis that serves as a great intro to our president’s story so far.

The cover story in the September/October 2010 issue of the CFA Institute’s magazine goes the “bull vs. bear” way: 2-3 pages of bullish arguments followed by 2-3 pages of bearish arguments. No stone was left unturned. Sure that, as locals, we’d attribute wildly different weights to the mix of pros and cons – some factors are disproportionately more important than others for our long-term view as equity investors. That said, the article obviously seeks a wider audience and the fact that the author takes no sides in his “closing statements” shouldn’t be held against him. One can even argue that it works in the “make up your own mind” sense.

Just so we don’t waste the “Brazil in the press” theme of this post, there are two other highlights.

The first one is a bit of record-keeping: here’s a link to the initial page of the Financial Times’ June 2010 Brazil special called “The New Brazil”. Actually, you can download a wildly mis-sized PDF file with the entire report, as long as it doesn’t short-circuit your printer with its 107Mb… We highlight Martin Wolf’s “stability isn’t dynamism” piece, short and to the point, but there’s more good stuff.

Finally, Exame magazine has published its huge annual compendium of Brazil’s “Biggest and Best companies” – but this time there was a 40-page supplement in English. Oddly enough, it’s not yet posted at their english-language website, but we’d keep an eye out for it. It can’t possibly take too long to create an online version since there’s already a hard copy version out…

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