Gustavo Ballvé on September 30th, 2010
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We love it when readers send us great material, and when they’re 16 years old we’re even more impressed. This video is a very well-crafted, 4-minute summary of and ad for Steven Johnson’s new book (same name as our post). There’s also an 18-minute TED talk (July 2010) that expands somewhat and exemplifies. In the TED video Mr. Johnson gets a bit more “pro-crowdsourcing”, in the sense that there’s an obvious trade-off between intellectual property protection vs. opening up to collaborative business models. His last example of how Sputnik’s success inspired a wave of innovations and the way he “closes the circle” in the end makes for a very entertaining presentation (in the “aren’t we all geeks?” sense). But this wouldn’t be a post if we didn’t have a word of caution: as we’ve posted here almost a year ago, there are limits to crowdsourcing that should be minded before launching any type of “open” initiative.

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