Gustavo Ballvé on October 25th, 2010
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We’re very proud that the Premio PIPA 2010 is on track to deliver on all its promises. More importantly, as we argue in our Q3 2010 report’s cover letter, “(…) practically all the work involved in conceptualizing, planning and executing the PIPA was carried out essentially by a group of half a dozen people from the IP Institute (including volunteers, the MAM e Matrioska films). (…) yet another demonstration of what a small group of talented and motivated people is capable of doing, independently of large amounts of money, commissions, bureaucracy and other intrinsic characteristics of Big Government.” But where do Melinda Gates and Coke come in?

In this inspiring TEDxChange video, Melinda Gates looks at what makes Coca-Cola so ubiquitous and what lessons non-profits can learn from it. We saw many things in common with our project.

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