Gustavo Ballvé on November 16th, 2010
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As we return from the November 15th holiday, we highlight a few of the interesting “building blocks”-pieces we’ve read or watched, in this case “watched”. Some more useful and actionable, some to keep in the back of our minds and “ruminate” on and see if later “clicks” with other issues in our minds. “The day only has 24 hours” for sure, and yet we must find the time to expand horizons and read widely as well. We’ll start things lightly with these two videos…
Chinese Build 15-Story Hotel In Just Six Days, Rest On Seventh – Gizmodo – 2 days to build the structure and 4 days to put the finishing touches… Take that, Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Video: Quantitative Easing Explained – via The View From the Blue Ridge. The monotone voices in the dialogue start off irritating but contribute to the overall surreal feel of the video – content and looks-wise. Exaggerated as most (good) comedy is.

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