Gustavo Ballvé on November 17th, 2010
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A video interview with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who’s getting more and more irritated with QE2 and Ben Bernanke. Another video, this one an interview with GMO’s Jeremy Grantham, also strongly argued. And (finally!) a reasonably-toned open letter to Ben Bernanke in the Wall Street Journal, signed by plenty of investment mavericks. Reactions are getting more and more personal, but then again the economic policies are unprecedented.

Update (Nov. 17th, 8:35 ET): Warren Buffett has just released an open letter to “Uncle Sam”, thanking “him” for the overall effects of the actions since the 2008 crisis. No doubt a balancing effort at a period when everybody apparently predicted the crisis and would have made much better decisions in the handling of the global meltdown since then.

By the way, here’s GMO’s Q3 2010 letter, called “Night of the living FED” (in PDF).

Couldn’t embed the Taleb video, but here’s Mr. Grantham’s rant (almost 30 minutes – or read the transcript here):

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