Gustavo Ballvé on November 24th, 2010
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First there was Chris Anderson’s and Michael Wolff’s “The web is dead, long live the Internet” piece on Wired, in September. It pointed out that we’re spending increasing amounts of time on the Internet, but not on the Web – we’re “app-izing” our experiences via Facebook and mobile apps – and played an interesting “blame game”. Then an article on the New York Times called “Night of the living tech” (and countless others in blogs) argued that it was the natural evolution of the Web in light of how other media evolved. Now none other than Tim Berners-Lee is worried about the Web as we know it, and his article “Long live the Web” in this month’s Scientific American argues that we should protect the web’s open standards and neutrality. Since much of the move seems to be consumer-led, we’re not sure how much choice there is left.

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