Gustavo Ballvé on December 21st, 2010
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It’s no secret that Wikileaks can bring some measure of light into otherwise obscure systems. It brings biases of its own, and has to be taken with lots of “salt”, but overall it seems to be working for the good of transparency.

Enter (so far only in Russian), OpenLeaks (under construction), and no doubt plenty of others we still haven’t heard of yet. Here’s an interesting note on on the Financial Times, but since it’s a paid source here’s a free note by Good magazine. The still-to-come OpenLeaks is actually a dissidence of WikiLeaks – assuming they start “competing” for more, bigger leaks we’re better off with two of them. The trend is clear, the tools are widely available and tracking/ monitoring is very hard => regulatory hell.

We wonder how long before such initiatives find a vehicle in Brazil…

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