Gustavo Ballvé on December 22nd, 2010
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We’ve read a story about DARPA’s Red Balloon challenge in the December 2010 Brazilian issue of Information Week magazine (apparently not yet online), for which the Business World India link is down (where the original story in English was published). Technical difficulties aside, we recalled writing about the same issue here on December of last year. It’s a reminder for newcomers that Buysiders already has some 18 months of content that is “hidden” in the backpages. So how to go about searching Buysiders’s archives for the material you’re interested in?

Easy! There are basically three ways to do it:

1) Browse by category: We assign posts to one or more categories, which can be searched in the middle column (as in the 1st picture below) or by clicking the desired category in the post itself (as in the 2nd picture).

2) Browse by tags: We also assign tags to each post, and there are usually more tags than categories because we want to make it easier for the reader to find related articles. The connection between articles with a given common tag can appear “soft”, but it reflects the way we like to navigate articles ourselves: many apparently unrelated subjects serve as useful building blocks/ models/ framings for another subject. You can find a tag cloud in the right column (1st picture below) or you can just click a tag in a given post to see other articles tagged with the same reference (2nd picture).

3) Search! There’s a search box in the top of the right column, as seen below.

Good searching! As always, if you’d like to comment on our categorization and tagging, or if you’d like to suggest changes and hopefully interesting articles, please send us an email!

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