Gustavo Ballvé on December 23rd, 2010
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Consider this: you’ve built a diverse, intelligent, hard-working team that successfully leverages individual abilities and skill sets into a higher collective intelligence. Then the same group of people have lunch in the nearby shopping mall and do dumb things (such as spending more on a “premium” brand) because they’re in a group… Gotta love us humans. Inside we highlight two articles on the good and bad of group “intelligence”.

The good: The idea that groups of people can be better suited than individuals to take on some tasks has been around for a while, and we’ve discussed crowdsourcing on rather extensively. The idea that you should foster diversity in the team building effort isn’t new either. That said, this very interesting article looks at “Group I.Q.” and tries to determine the collective intelligence of teams and when/ why it varies. It’s still preliminary research and it raises almost as many questions as it addresses, but it’s a great field to explore.

The bad: The behavior number 3 in this article (via Farnam Street blog) is another entry in the large collection of highlights of the dumb things we can do when we’re in groups. In this case, dumb shopping behavior. The 5 tricks come from Robin Lewis’ (of The Robin Report newsletter) new book, “The New Rules of Retail”.

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