Gustavo Ballvé on December 25th, 2010
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Yesterday was Christmas eve and we had a bonus post, but we have more: a great 52-minute video with Carlos Brito, CEO of AB-InBev, on High-Performance Culture. It’s very interesting to note that the “speech” doesn’t really change over the years, and we’re posting other videos with him (and 5 with Marcel Telles, including a gem of a speech in 1991!) to prove our point. But why should it change? The “recipe” of Dream, People, Culture resonates well and in their case has been implemented with so much discipline and energy that they have achieved huge success over +20 years in the brewing business (even longer than that if you count the Banco Garantia golden age).


Another video interview with Carlos Brito we posted here in July 2010.

Brito @ an internal video for AB-InBev’s Global Management Trainee program. In 5 minutes, a pretty good summary of the video above.

Brito @ Stanford on February 14th, 2008: Three things make for a good leader. (51 minutes, also very good, and very similar to the Nov. 2010 video).

Now we start a four-part series recorded in 2008 at the London Business School with Prof. Don Sull interviewing Marcel Telles:

Part 1: Making sense in a volatile market

Part 2: Making hard choices

Part 3: Making it happen through commitments

Part 4: Making revisions

This is a hidden gem: we’ve found a 1991 graduation speech by Marcel Telles (unfortunately for our English-speaking readers, it’s in Portuguese) that, although only 6 minutes long, already highlights many of the aspects of what would become the culture of AB-InBev so many years down the road.

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