Gustavo Ballvé on December 28th, 2010
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Every once in a while we find relevant articles related to subjects we’ve already discussed at, and we post them here as updates while linking to the original post(s). While each update should be interesting on its own, the idea is to read the whole “thread”, especially as time goes by and we develop a sense of “history”. In IP’s case, our Intranet dates back to 2003 and back then we made an effort to find older articles about companies and sectors we were studying – sometimes much older than 2003. We find that being able to tap into this rich history is quite valuable and we hope to build the same wealth of links at

In today’s piece we’re posting two updates about different subjects: crowdsourcing and e-publishing/ the “Web is dead” debate.

Crowdsourcing: This article regards cash-strapped academia enlisting volunteers via the web to help in different projects – leveraging, “if not the wisdom of the crowd, then at least its fingers, inviting anyone – yes, that means you – to help transcribe some of the 40,000 manuscripts (…)” – manuscripts by philosopher Jeremy Bentham in this case. This type of crowdsourcing is more in line with Wikipedia and perhaps even SETI@home. Makes us wonder what sort of opportunities we’re missing in Brazil.

The other article regards e-publishing and the whole “Web is Dead” debate. The latest entry is written by Steven Johnson, of “Where Good Ideas Come From” fame (we’ve posted about it here), and he argues in favor of “web mirroring” of digital content – to allow for searching and cross-linking that really helps spread ideas and (just as importantly) connect from one idea to the next. In his words, “Writing articles in unlinkable environments in 2010 is like publishing a scholarly book in 1800 and refusing to allow it to appear in any library or bibliography anywhere in the world.”

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