Gustavo Ballvé on January 24th, 2011
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In our latest quarterly report, we discuss the notion of “economic moat” in the second part of the Sand Castles, Concrete Walls text (here’s Part 1). In it we quote from a 1998 Warren Buffett talk to Florida University MBA students that is simply a must-see. It’s a very candid talk in which Mr. Buffett discusses not only the fundamental aspects of value investing in a bit more detail than we get nowadays, but also some sector and company-specific opinions that, again, he now seems more reluctant to share outside of the Berkshire letters to shareholders. We post the 10 videos inside with all-Buffett footage, but here’s a link to a full, complete version at Google Video (which we couldn’t embed) and the link to a transcript of the entire session (in PDF). Video number 10 alone is worth watching and sharing with friends, and not just those in the financial industry: he proposes a mental exercise about the “ovarian lottery” that’s really thought-provoking.

Part 1 of 10 (9:52)

Part 2 of 10 (10:00)

Part 3 of 10 (9:07)

Part 4 of 10 (6:33)

Part 5 of 10 (8:32)

Part 6 of 10 (8:29)

Part 7 of 10 (9:34)

Part 8 of 10 (8:48)

Part 9 of 10 (6:28)

Part 10 of 10 (7:52)

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