Gustavo Ballvé on February 8th, 2011
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One of the best aspects of writing a blog is having to check stories for how they evolve – it allows one to check his assumptions against reality. We hope to do more of these as we publish more stories and, more importantly, as more readers interact with us and share stories and links! In this case, we discuss updates and new developments regarding Wikileaks, Malcolm Gladwell and Nicholas Nassim Taleb.

Wikileaks – the idea is to improve the list of Wikileaks “clones” we published with Openleaks, created by high-level dissidents of Wikileaks itself. The supposed effort to de-personalize the treatment of leaks seem interesting at first, yet there is some usefulness to the “fanfare” Julian Assange of Wikileaks has been able to create: it brings much-needed old-media attention.

Malcolm Gladwell – the Farnam St. Blog, via another blog, has published a video interview at C-SPAN with Mr. Gladwell. We liked the tough questions by the host, especially the part in which the guy reads Mr. Gladwell some of the strongest criticism lobbied at him over the years and asks him to “defend himself”. We’ve mentioned Mr. Gladwell over the years in a number of posts, and will certainly feature him again in the future: “Is talent overrated?“, “How underdogs win“, “Think twice, it’s alright“, and most recently “Sure thing?“.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a bonus.

Nassim Taleb – In the above interview, Gladwell is asked about Mr. Taleb and his classic 2002 profile of him on New Yorker. It’s an interesting “intellectual kinship” and the article has resisted the passage of time very well. We’ve discussed Taleb either directly or indirectly in many posts, of which we highlight “Life without phosphorus: black swan“, “Reaction to QE2“, “Debt and complexity are not friends” and finally “Misdirection/ disorientation” (a favorite of mine).

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