Gustavo Ballvé on February 14th, 2011
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While we were searching for the Charlie Munger quotes for the Thursday post (“Aha! moments vs. strategy“), we found an interesting text by Li Lu, the chinese investor who had once been shortlisted as a candidate for the CIO (or co-CIO) position at Berkshire post-Buffett. Here it is: In the preface to the Chinese edition of the spectacular book Poor Charlie’s Almanac, Li Lu writes a lenghty profile of Charlie Munger in a rare first-person account that even Warren Buffett hasn’t really provided yet. We have more on Li Lu in this post.

WSJ’s July 31st, 2010 piece on Li Lu as Berkshire’s next CIO post-Buffett (video below):

A Columbia MBA alumni, Li Lu gave a lecture for Bruce Greenwald’s Value Investing class in 2010. The transcript is great (and you can find another link to notes from Li Lu’s 2006 lecture at Columbia), but you can also listen to the audio here – it starts after some 3 minutes. We used the “low speed” version and it worked great.

The Wall Street Journal article draws its “background” section almost entirely from this 1998 article on the New York Observer. In it, one of Li Lu’s early investors says of him: “If you said that someone was going to make a billion dollars and be the head of the largest country in the world, all in one lifetime, he could be the guy.” Impressive.

Unrelated with investments, but interesting nonetheless, a 1996 Charlie Rose talk (17mins) about the Tiananmen Square demonstrations of 1989, of which Li Lu was one of the organizers.

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