Gustavo Ballvé on February 21st, 2011
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While this is just part of the overall digital/ online content evolution, our subject today is TV. The latest edition of the MIT Technology Review has a story called “Searching for the future of television“, a behind-the-scenes account of how Google TV came to be – and what’s at stake if and when they get it right (or when somebody else does it). Coincidentally, we read a Sunday article in the NY Times called “TV industry taps social media to keep viewers’ attention” that shows the experiments that “old-media” TV companies are running to benefit from – or to try not to get overrun by – the effects of social media as it regards TV watching. There’s a lot happening, and business models just aren’t defined yet. As we’ve said in our Q4 2010 report, “Experimenting has a cost. Failing to experiment, ditto.”

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