Gustavo Ballvé on March 15th, 2011
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…may not be “new”: the recently-announced Lubrizol acquisition for US$ 9 billion appears to be a logical, picks-and-shovels extension on his “logistics play” boosted by the Burlington Northern acquisition. It also is another sign of his long-term optimism regarding the US economy (always important to notice that Mr. Buffett’s definition of “long term” goes way beyond the “5-10 years” that most value investors tend to mention). Check out our post about the 2010 letter.

Bonus: one of our readers has sent us a very useful transcript of Buffett’s June 2010 testimony at a Congressional Hearing about the 2008 financial crisis. They sought Mr. Buffett’s opinions and recommendations about the crisis’ causes, amplification factors, the role of different agents and so on. We thank him for, once again, sending us great stuff. You can do it, too. We’ve embedded both the PDF and the video here.

The transcript PDF by Santangel’s Review:

Transcript of Warren Buffett Interview With FCIC

Warren Buffett’s testimony at the FCIC hearing on Credit Rating agencies (2 hours and 17 minutes). Get the rest of the hearings here.

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