Gustavo Ballvé on March 16th, 2011
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The subject is very dear to us: Education and how technology can improve its productivity (and accountability), reduce costs, leverage social aspects and increase reach, convenience and even – dare we say it – the fun factor in education… This recent TED 2011 talk, embedded inside, by former hedge-fund analyst Salman Khan almost has it all. It’s not the first TED talk on Education we post, but while that qualitative talk is fantastic, the technology in Mr. Khan’s talk is here now. It appears to address many – albeit obviously not all – of our “wishlist items” for Education, not the least of it the empowerment of teachers, education managers, parents and even students themselves through data and the analysis of that data (individually, by classroom, school, district, demographics, whatever).

Here’s the video – don’t click away after the “Thank you” and applauses because Bill Gates comes onstage and asks relevant questions.

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