Gustavo Ballvé on March 24th, 2011
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UPDATE (March 29th, 2011): We’ve posted two new videos at the end of the post, courtesy of our readers! Thank you and keep those suggestions coming.

We’ve stumbled upon a series of videos by Bloomberg Television on Game Changers, and the first episode we saw is fantastic and profiles Steve Jobs. There are many interesting moments and lessons, but one that stuck with us is about the power of ideas and the inspiration/ motivation they bring – not just to potential customers but, in Apple’s case at a time when morale was at the lowest point, also internally. That’s when the team finally “awoke” and all that brilliance in engineering/ product design/ marketing was brought together to create, as a VC says in the video, “the greatest comeback in corporate history”.

We also highlight two groundbreaking and extremely timely TV spots that changed Apple’s history – and more.

Bloomberg Game Changers, Episode 2: Steve Jobs (47:39)

The 1984 Macintosh launch spot on Superbowl Sunday, 1984. Directed by Ridley Scott and shown just on that occasion, it’s considered one of the best TV ads of all time:

This is a pearl of a video. A 1983 Steve Jobs keynote explains the “1984” ad context – and then shows it to a spellbound audience of (admittedly) Apple fans:

The second TV ad is “Here’s to the crazy ones”, and came at a time when Apple was in trouble and Steve Jobs had just been brought back as interim CEO. As one guy argues in the Bloomberg video, it’s almost as if the ad was directed more for the people at Apple than for the “outsiders”.

Finally: Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. Brilliant.

UPDATE: we received requests and suggestions by our readers, so we post two new and impressive videos:

A young Steve Jobs introduces the Macintosh in 1984 (5:11):

This is another version of the 1983 keynote we have already posted above, but after that part there’s a skilfully-edited section of the TV coverage of the Mac launch at the time. Very interesting stuff (9:55):

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