Gustavo Ballvé on April 24th, 2011
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UPDATE (April 25th, 16:18): Incredible 4-minute video posted inside, sent by a reader. Many thanks!

Very interesting story in the NYT this Sunday: how the Web is making it easier to fund/ develop companies that aren’t web-based at all, and actually make tangible products. It reminded us of a conversation we had internally last Tuesday about “open-source chips” and other electronic hardware available for a fraction of the cost of a few years ago, and how much easier it is nowadays to build prototypes. All that was needed was a way to organize like-minded people and help their ideas find interested investors, however tiny the capital needs. No longer. In the words of an MIT professor, “The situation resembles the way that anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection can now start a Web-based company” – and we all know what innovation and wealth creation can come out of that “mold”.

TED Talk by Marcin Jakubowski on “Open-sourced blueprints for civilization” – Feb 2011 (4:11)

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