Gustavo Ballvé on May 22nd, 2011
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The Financial Times had a very interesting, even amusing article about the differences between Chinese and Brazilian business cultures – and why it’s important that Brazilians learn about the other side, quickly. This recommendation by an Accenture executive is a gem: “Read the Chinese 12th 5-year plan. If you cannot explain to a Chinese government official how your company is relevant to them achieving that plan, then you’re wasting their time.” – how unlike our culture and how our government works…

About the “” in the subject: the widely read Brazilian magazine Veja had a special (so far only in Portuguese) on finally entering Brazil, initially via the book market. That they plan on doing so stimulating e-books for Kindle reveals challenges and opportunities for local publishers.

Another highlight from the article on Brazil/ China cultural differences:

“Hsia Hua Sheng, director of the Brazilian risk consultancy Luz Engenharia Financeira, says chronic hyperinflation during the 1980s and early 1990s left Brazilians unaccustomed to long-term planning, meaning they typically spend most of their time on the execution phase, improvising as they go along and opting for the most pragmatic solutions.

The Chinese could not be more different. ‘They take so long to make a decision, but that’s not the problem,’ he says. ‘The problem is that when they do finally decide, they want it done in two days, but by that point the Brazilians have given up any hope of a deal and are totally unprepared. Many partnerships have fallen through because of this’.”

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