Gustavo Ballvé on June 2nd, 2011
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Mr. Van Den Berg of Century Management has just given an interview to, an interesting source keeping track of big-name investors. We took the opportunity to link to several articles and interviews with him, but it’s nice to note that Century’s own website is filled with good material in their Library page.

In the interview linked above Mr. Van Den Berg mentions Microsoft, Cisco, Dell and many others. He described in more detail Microsoft and other cases in his November 2010 “Value Investor Newsletter”, an 84-page monster PDF available for free in Century’s website. The first 47 pages are dedicated to macro considerations – the official line, as per the second answer in the above interview, is that they only care about inflation and interest rates.

Our first contact with Mr. Van Den Berg was in an 2004 interview/ talk transcript on Outstanding Investor Digest. All 20 pages are very interesting and, at the time, became the subject of a “study group” meeting for our analysts. The link above requires a subscription, and if one is serious about value investing then one will pony up for OID – it’s that simple. OK, Century Management has an 18-page PDF in its website (PDF) that pretty much solves the problem, but again: OID is worth it.

We found a free link to a 1996 OID transcript that we couldn’t yet read entirely but it’s already interesting, and on CM’s website there’s a link to a 26-page PDF excerpt of the full, 45-page 2006 OID piece. Hint: they say in that page that you can ask for the entire article and we’ve done just that. If they let us publish the full monty here, we’ll update this post with it.

There are 8 of Century’s own videos on Youtube and a further GuruFocus interview with him back in December 2010.

We’ll embed a few videos here as soon as possible, but there’s a lot of material nonetheless.

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