Gustavo Ballvé on July 19th, 2011
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Very interesting profile on Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater in the new issue of the New Yorker magazine. Long and often a bit on the speculative side – it’s always difficult to take without “salt” the perceptions of someone who has spent, at best, a few days/weeks with the subject of the report – it’s still a great read. Obviously when you get to be the world’s largest hedge fund the level of scrutiny is going to be absurd, as John Paulson recently discovered, and not all of it will be fair or well-informed. We have no idea where this profile stands. That said, the company provides its “Principles” document – albeit in slightly updated form after it got blown up in the media – in its website (or here in PDF, all 123 pages of it!), along with video testimonials by Bridgewater associates praising the firm’s culture. Just as hearing from their employees doesn’t cut it, reading this and other reports on Bridgewater won’t allow us to form an informed opinion. It’s all about the building blocks.

April 2011 profile on Bridgewater and Ray Dalio – New York magazine. Yes, there’s New York and there’s New Yorker…

March 2011 story on Absolute Return – $1,990 annual subscription required to see the archives. Free trial only lets you see the current issue for 14 days.

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