Gustavo Ballvé on August 4th, 2011
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On Education: Wired’s July issue had a large story on Khan Academy, discussed on Buysiders in March and then in May of this year. We are very fond of the subject. In fact, we came across an interesting personality today in Walter Lewin, an MIT physics professor who also uses videos intelligently – but the real beauty of Khan Academy is the accountability and transparency the whole system enables. Data-driven, analytical efforts are the way to go. Finally, Bill Gates has just discussed the hits and misses of his first decade involved with charitable efforts in education.

On George Soros: We posted a few days ago, but these are worth mentioning: Bloomberg expands its first article and calls his departure from the money management arena the end of the “golden era of rock star traders”. The Financial Times’ James Mackintosh wonders why he didn’t stop long ago and compares Mr. Soros’ returns to Warren Buffett’s – who’s just 18 days older than Soros, amusingly. Mr. Mackintosh’s videos are always interesting to watch.

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