Gustavo Ballvé on August 25th, 2011
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Steve Jobs resigned as Apple CEO yesterday, intends to stay on as Chairman. Sad news and nothing much to comment – the praise has been doled out before here. We only wish him the best and highlight a few links with amazing, heartfelt reaction around the web.

Seth Godin: “A little empty”.

Om Malik (GigaOM): “Steve Jobs and the sound of silence”.

More at GigaOM: “Steve Jobs’ resignation: what the web is saying”. In one post, reactions from Marc Benioff, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Cramer, Walt Mossberg and others.

Even though he said in the resignation letter that he intends to stay on as Chairman, publications are booming with “the man and his legacy”-type stories. One that’s full of videos, interactive features and opinions is this Wall Street Journal piece.

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