Gustavo Ballvé on October 5th, 2011
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Tom Steyer is so secretive that even a more “politically-minded” profile seems like a good excuse to collect links about him and Farallon. Mr. Steyer was one of Bob Rubin’s traders at Goldman Sachs in his famed risk-arbitrage desk from the mid-1970’s to the late-1980’s (along with other famed managers such as Eddie Lampert, Daniel Och and Richard Perry). We have a few links to older stories on Mr. Steyer inside.

Nice quote from one of the videos, in which he explains why he and his wife have joined Buffett and Gates’ ‘Giving Pledge’: “I think anyone who doesn’t give credit to the system that they’re born into is taking an awful lot into themselves. I really think that people have sacrificed a lot more than a little tax money to make that system available for all of us. And I would be ashamed of myself if I didn’t give some credit to them”.

Hedge fund chief takes major role in philanthropy – NY Times, Sept. 15th 2011

Tom Steyer is interviewed in the 2007 Endowment Management Seminar, and you can find the transcript in this PDF, beginning on page 7. Interesting stuff on Farallon, people, training, incentives…

California’s hedge fund king – Fortune, Sept. 22nd 2008

Wikipedia pages: Tom Steyer and Farallon Capital

Example of Tom Steyer’s energy activism – NY Times, March 2011

Tom Steyer, the jolly green banker – Fortune, Dec. 8th 2010

Tom Steyer joins Buffett and Gates’ “Giving Pledge” and gets emotional about it (video, also embedded below):

“Fair and just banking for low income communities”: a speech found in video, part one and part two linked here (and embedded below).

This wasn’t the first time we profiled one of the managers we keep track of: Glenn Greenberg was the first (the order doesn’t imply anything, by the way).

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