Gustavo Ballvé on October 24th, 2011
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Or doesn’t it? The UN expects “Earthling #7 Billion” to be born this weekhere’s a link to the report itself, to be released tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 26th 2011). Yet it’s just a symbol to spark a stream of articles about overpopulation – demographics, at this level, is open to much debate… and noise. Clive Cookson in the Financial Times had a short piece with a brilliant infographic, and the New York Times today has an entire debate series about it, with at least six articles. One of them is by Joel Cohen, who also has the honor of introducing the debate in this relatively balanced article. But there’s more. also jumped on the opportunity and highlighted this 2min 40s video with Professor Dickson Despommier from Columbia University. From there you can view many other videos with him.

Going back to the NY Times, this blog of theirs – Dot Earth – is a pretty interesting source (we are linking to a specific post but you can navigate from there – and the lecture seems to be worth the time, judging by the first 10-15 minutes. In fact, we’ve embedded the whole 80-min video below):

Wrigley Lecture Series – Andy Revkin and Braden Allenby from Sustainability @ ASU on Vimeo.

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