Gustavo Ballvé on November 4th, 2011
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Update2 (Nov. 4th, 11am ET): Groupon IPO priced at US$ 20 per share, a market cap. of US$ 12.65 billion – shares up 41% to US$ 28.10.

Huge, sprawling article on Business Insider about Groupon since the early beginnings. It’s telling when an article about the big article is 3 pages long.

Normally we would recommend reading the summary for conciseness – and because the day only has 24h – but the big article is a keeper. It’s even more useful for those running, considering, or investing in start-ups. They got almost all of it right, except for the culture change part. It is more important, and far more disruptive, than they make it seem. That’s the article’s usefulness for the rest of us.

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