Gustavo Ballvé on December 19th, 2011
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No mistake in the title: it’s not about floating an incubator, it is about an incubator that floats. US immigration laws have some California entrepreneurs – Peter Thiel included – pondering a ship to house innovators and entrepreneurs 12 nautical miles off the California coast – i.e. international waters! Great amenities to pass the time, and take a ferry inland when needed with your temporary or business visa. Reading the comments discussing the viability – storms? cold? pirate attacks? – was quite disheartening, but at last one comment captured the real point: not the specific plan, but the regulatory and political environment that spawned it. “How shameful that our immigration policy is so broken that instead of making it easy for the best and brightest to start companies here and build jobs and our economy, we are reduced to fantasizing about off shore holding pens for thwarted entrepreneurs.”

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