Gustavo Ballvé on December 29th, 2011
Corporate Strategy, Food for thought, Investment Themes, Mental models, Portfolio Management

Two Financial Times articles yesterday, taken together, are great reading material and food for thought. The first one is about rethinking innovation and new product development. We have posted here before about open innovation, crowdsourcing and so on, and it’s a subject that’s far from being exhausted. The second article, even larger, is about production processes that are becoming – paradoxically perhaps – more efficient and more flexible. Again a subject we’ve touched on before.

What does it matter for investments? We invest in companies, so we have to think about every aspect of business, including R&D/ new product development and production processes. In the sense that the evolution in these and other business factors may lead to more efficient uses of capital in the companies that take advantage of these trends, the question becomes: how does it NOT matter?

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