Gustavo Ballvé on December 31st, 2011
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We’d like to thank our over 5,900 unique visitors who have seen over 25,000 pages (unique pageviews) in 2011. We also thank our newsletter subscribers (how do you subscribe? Click on Read More below). Most of all, we thank all of you who have suggested some of the best stories and subjects in 2011 (want to suggest a story? Click here!). For those who have come on board recently, here’s the perennial text that explains Why We Write. In the past 2.5 years of Buysiders, we’re proud to have followed those guidelines. We wish to keep serving you in your quest for knowledge and for useful investment building blocks and mental models.

We wish you all a great 2012, a year full of knowledge gathering and sharing, peace, health and success. We leave you with a few interesting stats about in 2011 (until Dec. 30th):

Unique visitors/ pageviews…: 5,968/ 25,357

…Originating from: 104 countries (USA: 44% of foreign visits)

Facebook fans/ Twitter followers: 3,401 / 509

Most popular Category: Food for Thought

Most popular post: Christmas bonus, pt. 2: Carlos Brito @ Stanford — yes, paradoxically, a 2010 post. In a close second place, another post we’re glad we wrote: The Checklist Manifesto.

Mobile visits: 87.6% of mobile visits came from iOS devices (iPad 53%, iPhone 34%, iPod 1%). Android had 10%. Did you know that looks great on iOS devices? Check it out.

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