Gustavo Ballvé on January 4th, 2012
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We saw a link to a Harvard Business School Executive Education video about its Risk Management program for corporate executives. We were initially skeptical because, as readers are probably well aware by now, we view risk management as a matter of knowledge gathering/sharing and corporate culture. The excerpts inside this post explain our satisfaction with the video. It’s not enough for us to judge whether this course is a great investment for you or your company, but we have attended classes with Bob Kaplan (and others) at Harvard and we certainly got much more than our money’s worth.

The excerpts put together below make Bob Kaplan’s speech music to our ears:

“The big deliverable coming from this risk management program is how important organizational culture and leadership are. (…) the first group of participants were surprised on how much time we spent more on culture and leadership issues than we did on technical issues. (…) the big difference between the successful and unsuccessful companies along this dimension is not that the successful ones had dramatically superior technical competence, (…) they recognized the importance of embedding the risk management function in the way they thought about their strategy, reviewed their strategy (…)”

Here’s the video (2:30):

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