Gustavo Ballvé on March 9th, 2012
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Education is a huge topic for me, especially now that a few HBS classmates and I are looking for ways to do charitable projects in the area. The fact-finding research and the first meetings have been very stimulating – and I’ll definitely keep you posted. Back to business: this Sept. 2011 article by the New York Times on failure as a breeder of success in education actually has much broader implications. While the first “click” that I had while reading it was with an article on parenting in the Wall Street Journal (!), it also reminded me of a post I did last year about “Asian culture redefined“. In it, there’s a link to an article “about the traps embedded in the seemingly flattering perceptions of Asian-American as ‘overachievers’ “. Taken together, these 3 articles paint a very interesting picture of the power of incentives in education, parenting, living in society, coping with expectations and prejudices and so on.

And if it seems “soft”, “fluffy” and off-topic, try changing “education, parenting and living in society” for “preparedness, leadership/motivation and networking” for your business life.

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