Gustavo Ballvé on May 9th, 2012
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This TEDxYale talk (embedded inside), however funny, is a serious reminder about how dangerous an influential/persuasive speaker can be. I wrote about this back in July 2010 in a post called Time Perspectives: “In fact, it’s downright scary how the “coolness” of the presentation can lead one to “lower one’s guard” to data that’s not necessarily accurate or that answers not necessarily the right questions. (…) here’s a quote that applies to the case at hand: ‘One of the most untruthful things possible, you know, is a collection of facts, because they can be made to appear so many different ways.’

As a bonus, here’s my “Classic articles” post about Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: The Science of Persuasion”.

The video (5:29):

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