Gustavo Ballvé on July 26th, 2012
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Back from my honeymoon, it’s a bit of a shame to kick things back into movement by such a “noisy” story, but Zynga’s crash (down 39% as I write) after horrible results yesterday is still worth mentioning. It’s one of those classic cases where a good business model does not necessarily imply a good investment – and in Zynga’s case, the assertion that it was a good business was never a sure thing. Zynga affects Facebook’s revenues, so FB is also down 8% as I write. It’s too early to tell whether Facebook is a clear social media winner, and if it will be a good investment even if it does “win”. And it’s way too early to tell who will make money from “Web 3.0” apps and games running on the social media platforms (the “Web 2.0”). It doesn’t make it less interesting to follow the industry – quite the contrary – but it highlights the dangers of hype, extrapolations, unearned convictions and so on. Inside, I collect a few links on this developing story.

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