Gustavo Ballvé on October 19th, 2012
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Very interesting article in the Financial Times about how the study of business is very US-centric – and how we can all gain from “fresher fables” in business education. Studying globally is something I not only believe in but have practiced daily in investment research, and I’ve had the good fortune of doing most of my 8th grade in the US and, more recently, attending Harvard Business School’s PLD program. I can attest to the fact that HBS is trying hard to become a more “global” school, but the author is right in that it can still improve. For instance, one of the most important case studies my class did with Prof. Bob Kaplan – to see how a company had implemented the Balanced Scorecard – was Volkswagen Brasil. Other schools have sought globalization a bit harder, not the least because, for some, it comes with the geography and demographics (London Business School, INSEAD).

The cost of NOT having a global view of business, investing and most anything else is increasingly steep.

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