Gustavo Ballvé on October 22nd, 2012
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We have a follow-up article related to a previous post that I am very proud of – “Invaluable art and analysis“, written on October 2011. As with many posts I’m proud of since 2009, this one was started by someone else – who read the original New Yorker article, linked it with a film he had seen and sent me the material. I then linked it with other subjects and finished it. This collaborative aspect of can certainly improve, so if you enjoy that post and this one, please remember to send me an e-mail next time you read something great.

Back to the post at hand, it’s about incentives, “knowledge” vs. “expertise”, analysis, investigation… the fact that it’s set in the art market is irrelevant – actually, if it makes the subject easier to grasp, great. The Oct. 2011 post is now followed up with another New Yorker article on the troubled, conflict-laden relationship between art expert Bernard Berenson and art dealer Joseph Duveen. A great complement to the original material. We had written a post called “The art market and inequality” in May of this year as well.

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