Gustavo Ballvé on November 6th, 2012
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Prof. Clayton Christensen had a very thought-provoking op-ed in the New York Times a few days ago. He starts by saying that it matters very little who wins the US presidential election today. He then hints on the Capitalist’s dilemma: “Capitalists seem almost uninterested in capitalism, even as entrepreneurs eager to start companies find that they can’t get financing. Businesses and investors sound like the Ancient Mariner, who complained of ‘Water, water everywhere — nor any drop to drink.’ “. Next, he discusses 3 types of innovations and says that the US needs more innovations of the empowering kind – it is too focused on the “efficiency” innovations that are net job destroyers. Finally, he gives three ideas to kick-start a debate on how the US can solve the “empowering innovation” problem. As usual, his article is extremely clear and concise, but I’m yet to agree on the three ideas. More on Clayton Christensen here.

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