Gustavo Ballvé on November 21st, 2012
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I subscribe to a few magazines via Zinio’s digital magazines app for the iPad (no, doesn’t do advertising so recommendations, while few and far between, are all sincere). It’s not a fantastic app, but there’s an interesting feature: there are always new, free and very interesting articles to entice readers to subcribe to the corresponding magazines. I’ve just read a Forbes cover article on “Reeducating Education” that highlights bold new ideas in Education, starting with the Khan Academy that has been a subject of many previous posts here (listed inside). As I always try to highlight, the biggest merit I see in this initiative is in the accountability and analytics it provides: educators have much more data about student development, and should be better able to provide customized tutoring, which in turn should lead to better education outcomes (notice the many “definition” and “goal-setting” pitfalls…) – as long as there are incentives and accountability to drive the effort. We are a long way from knowing if the approach really “works” (what does “work” mean? For whom? At every stage in the student’s life? etc.), but better to try this than stand idly by.

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