Gustavo Ballvé on November 29th, 2012
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Two stories about (or by, in one case) Bill Ackman. The most interesting by far for me was sent by a loyal reader, thanks as always, and it’s about Ackman’s desire to attract permanent capital that would allow him to focus more on the long-term activist efforts that have both made him famous and, according to Ackman, made most of the returns for his investors. Very interesting to watch and it’s a kind of Holy Grail for long-term asset managers… In the second story, BigThink has made a Bill Ackman video free to watch yesterday (embedded inside) – it’s part of the Floating University program where each subject is discussed by an “expert” in the field, and Ackman got the part for Investing. Very interesting introductory lesson on investing, definitely worth sending the link to those friends and relatives who always ask us what is it that we really do.

The full video (45min):

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